Terms of reference

1. To conduct epidemiological research on prevention and identification of predictors of diabetes and its complications
2. To strengthen education and training in diabetes research, prevention and management.
3. To evaluate the socioeconomic impact of diabetes and its complications and contribute the data to policy makers.
4. To develop methods for reducing diabetes risk factors at the community level.

Work performed in relation to the Terms of Reference

a. Completed projects

1. COPS Study  
2. Capacity building of the Government (both rural and urban) and Corporation Doctors in Primary Prevention of Diabetes (PPD)    
3. Cost of medical care among type 2 diabetic patients with a co-morbid condition Hypertension in India  
4. The socioeconomics of diabetes care from a developing country. A population based study.  

Direct costs associated with CKD among Type 2 Diabetic patients

6. Cost of treating long term diabetic complications among subjects with Type 2 diabetes  

Education and Training in Prevention of Diabetes among Tuberculosis Health personnel


Diabetic Amputation Prevention Initiative in Community (DAPIC)


Chennai Slim and Fit Prevention of Childhood Obesity


CBSE Manual Implementation


b. Ongoing Programme

1. Chennai Amputation Prevention Service  
2. Urban poor diabetes risk factor study  

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